Dear Readers,

My name is Emily Boyle and I’m currently completing my last quarter in the MS in Applied Nutrition program at Northeastern University. I have created the blog articles featured here on Feel the Glow for one of my capstone classes, Nutrition in Practice. My goal was to create nutrition communication material that is helpful to readers, easy to apply, easy┬áto understand, visually attractive, and likely to encourage repeat visits to the site.

This being said, I need help evaluating whether or not I met my goals. I am looking for honest feedback and constructive criticism, if needed. If you’ve taken the time to visit my site and read 5 blog articles currently featured – please complete my quick project evaluation survey by clicking here. This is an important part of my final project and summary paper.

I’m excited to graduate this December. It’s been a challenging two years… but the knowledge I’ve gained and the determination I’ve discovered within myself have been life-altering.

Thank you so much for taking part in my final project.

With Love,